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Amanda Greenfield

October 6 at 7:03am · This little bottle right here has helped me tremendously! I have had constant pain in my back since 2014 that was caused by a lifting injury (lateral shift of the spine and a tear) and it was discovered through an MRI that I also have Degenerative Disc Disease (I have several discs that are gone and one is pushing on my spinal cord.) I have had spinal injections, physical therapy, and tons of opiates (that caused me more problems than solutions.) Nothing helped long-term. This past week has been an awful pain week. I haven't been able to do anything until yesterday. Jeremy and I went to a place called Heavenly Hydro in OKC and purchased this CBD oil. I put a few drops under my tongue while we were on the way to Chandler and by the time we got there, I realized I wasn't hurting anymore! This oil helped me be able to celebrate my sister's birthday without being miserable. I'm so thankful that I tried it out!

Shawn Freeny

My son has c.p. and is left side neglected. We started him on CBD oil and it helped him move, run, and use his left side. He is also more alert and now can kick a ball with his left leg. He seems like hurts a lot less. We love what CBD'S have done for our son thank you so much!
Heavenly Hydro is great to go in and they ask about Jason every time I go in. They make us feel like family no matter how long its been since the last time we went in!

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